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IGU-GFE 2018-2019 annual report

IGU-GFE:2017-2018 Annual Report

IGU-GFE 2017-2018 annual report


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Call for papers for the session of Promoting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Development Goals at the 10th IALE world congress

As part of the 10th IALE world congress, the session “Promoting Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Development Goals” will be organized in Milan (Italy) on July 1-5. 2019.


Call for papers from IGU commission on Geography for Future Earth: Special issue on Pattern-Process-Service-Sustainability

In August 2018, IGU-GFE hosted one session at the 2018 IGU Regional Conference. Based on the session discussion about the new conceptual cascade of "pattern-process-service-sustainability", IGU-GFE launched a special issue which will be published on Chinese Geographical Science in 2019.


IGU-GFE:2017 annual report

The report includes information concerning the organization of the Commission, the progress of website construction, special issues hosting and journal establishment (publication issues), and provides to do list for IGU-GFE commission

Geography for Future Earth

Coupled Human-Earth Systems for Sustainability (IGU-GFE)