Geographical Science is one of the most important KEY for sustainable development.

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Achieving sustainability will enable the Earth to continue supporting human life.

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ALL of the water and air contained within Earth's atmosphere show to scale

The graphic shows 1.4087 billion cubic kilometres of water and 5,140 trillion tonnes of air.

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GEOSUS Author Workshop Registration is open

The climate change workshop will be held on 14-15 November 2022 and 8-9 December 2022. Now the registration is open, we warmly welcome participants worldwide to join us! Organization: Geography and Sustainability Course Schedule: Nov. 14-15 08:00-11:00 am (Norway)/15:00-18:00 pm (China)  Introduction to climate change: drivers, impacts and mitigation options Dec. 8-9 09:00-12:00 am (Norway)/16:00-19:00 pm (China) Land-based climate change mitigation and sustainability: potentials, challenges, and opportunities…
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BNU Summer School 2022 | Geography and Sustainability

In order to promote the integrated research of geography and serve the regional and global sustainable development, Beijing Normal University will provide a summer course on geography and sustainability. The course will bring together researchers around the world and present the latest research progress on geography and sustainability and the geographical case studies on transforming our…
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[BNU Summer School 2022] Nature based solutions and ecosystem services for a sustainable future

The nature based solutions and ecosystem services for a sustainable future workshop will be held on 6-9 June, 2022. Now the registration is open, we warmly welcome participants worldwide to join us! The online classroom will be set via Zoom Webinar and open to all interested participants. This is an online workshop without registration fee. Organization: Geography and Sustainability Course Schedule June…
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Geography for Future Earth

Coupled Human-Earth Systems for Sustainability (IGU-GFE)