Global Dryland Social-Ecosystem Working Group Joins GLP

Social-ecosystem in arid land has become a global issue

Recently, the application for the establishment of Global Dryland Social-Ecosystem Working Group (hereinafter the working group) was approved by Interim Scientific Committee of Global Land Programme (GLP). The working group was proposed by Prof. Fu Bojie, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Dr. Mark Stafford Smith, honorary fellow of The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO); Prof. Dennis Ojima of Colorado State University; and Dr. Yu Xiubo, researcher of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences; who served as coordinators of the working group. 

The First Working Meeting of Interim Scientific Committee of Global-DEP
Prof. Fu Bojie (front row, fourth from the left); Dr. Mark Stafford Smith (front row, fifth from the left); 
Prof. Wang Yanfen (front row, sixth from the left)

Global Dryland Social-Ecosystem Working Group fosters international cooperative research and the exchange among global scientists, researchers and graduate students in the fields of dryland social-ecosystem through academic seminars, publicity and communication, and newsletters on GLP public network.

Prof. Fu Bojie (front row, third from the right) and other members of the working group held a meeting and field investigation in Senegal in 2019

Global Dryland Social-Ecosystem Working Group was founded on the basis of the special project of Global-DEP, a key Cooperation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Since 2017, some meetings have been co-chaired or organized by Prof. Fu Bojie and Dr. Mark Stafford Smith such as the meeting of Interim Scientific Committee of Global-DEP, regional consultation meetings in Australia, Africa etc., and the parallel session themed Global-DEP at Global Land Programme Open Science Meeting held in Switzerland, in which, the conceptual framework of Global Dryland Social-Ecosystem has been put forward, and the Global-DEP Scientific Plan have been formed and proposed to officially publish it before the end of 2021, thus promoting the monitoring, assessment and sustainable management of Global-DEP. The Global-DEP secretariat is affiliated with Comprehensive Office of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN).

Global Land Programme

Global Land Programme (GLP) is a community of scientists, which aims to apply interdisciplinary science to enrich knowledge and act as a bridge between sustainable development  related to the global land system and human well-being. As a key project entrusted by International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP) and International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change  (IHDP), GLP reflects the relationship among society, nature and ecosystem. GLP, as a comprehensive innovation platform for academic exchange and data sharing for international programme, has made fruitful achievements over the last two decades.